The lab

Experience the process…

We are creating fragrances and other scented products in our laboratory located in the South Bronx.

The Lab is the heart of The Society of Scent : a transparent platform inviting scent lovers and curious minds to discover the world of scents, and engage in conversations with Perfumers who share their olfactory journey with the community of scent enthusiasts. A rare opportunity to get behind the scenes.


A FLORAL GEM IN THE MINERAL DUST:  precious Iris, Sage and Galbanum sunken in ashen Woods, powdered Coriander, and milky Sandalwood.


A FLASH OF AIRY EFFERVESCENCE: metallic Aldehydes, Blackcurrant glaze, white Cardamom, smoked Tea leaves, Pink Pepper, Ambrette, Orris and Vetiver. 0.5 fl.oz/ 15 ml


MAGNIFICENCE THROUGH CHAOS: flamboyant Damascena Rose allied to Raspberry pulp, raging against the darkness of Patchouli, Cumin and Incense. 0.5 fl.oz/ 15 ml


AROUSING KNOCKOUT VAPORS: Birch tar, smokey Leather, blazing Cardamom, Narcissus absolute, earthy Cypriol, warm Tonka bean, dark Amber and Patchouli. 0.5 fl.oz/ 15ml


A TEASE OF VELVET AND FLESH: stripped layers of sheer Calla Lily, flirty Pear, suave Jasmine, hot Pink Pepper and skin Musk. Unclothed delicious Vanilla. 0.5 fl.oz/ 15 ml